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Independence Stupendous
Sunday. 6.17.12 7:17 am
So hey there again.

My desire to write anything has been minimal lately. And I end up feeling like whatever I write ends up being a kind of front for what I've really wanted to talk about.

I've begun working as an SA (Servers Assistant) at this locally renown restaurant in Charleston. With the same job I had last summer, it's not a bad night time gig to make extra money toward this summer's goal (see end of post). I've worked there for maybe two months now.

The other night, I was hitching a ride from my coworker, Ben, since I had walked to work that day, and we started talking about the wedding reception the restaurant was holding the next day, which was last night.

Ben said something on the lines of:
"You know, I'd like for once to be one of the guys who takes a girl to dinner to our restaurant. Sit and talk for hours, that sort of thing." (My coworker hasn't seen a night off from this job and his other in a few weeks)

I agree, it's something I want to do with someone who appreciates that sort of thing. And I never did quite appreciate the notion before, which baffles me. I want to feel time suspended with someone and then seemingly accelerated as it catches up to the world we took an absence from.

Ben judged the Miss South Carolina pageant last night instead of working the wedding, the lucky bastard. Not that I'd want to take his place -- I don't exactly have an affinity for judging qualities in pageants.

The wedding reception turned out rather well. Being paid to walk around with trays of food, drink wine discretely, eat food not so discretely, and waiting in the presence of young, wholesome women is always a treat -- but there's a line of course.

--side note: the DJ played "Shout" as the last song and one of the servers snuck his way into the crowd of dancing guests and danced alongside them while a few of us watched in complete amusement. :3

I suppose looking on during the bride and groom dance melted me a little. And I suppose it was because of the event that I started thinking again about whether this job was going to really pay off in the end. Whether working five nights a week was really worth it. And understandably, I don't think so. Ben and I spoke about was getting out of the foodbev industry and we're reasonable about doing so. I think I'd rather earn less but have more time for myself and other fancies at this point in my life.

To be incredibly honest, I've used working late nights as an excuse not to pursue a steady relationship. And the reason is that I needed to be sure that I had a mental reference to independent living. To be a healthy individual and know what it takes to be career driven. I think that's a reasonable goal.

But you know what's a semi-reasonable goal?

Will be my first large purchase independent of my parents. WOO! :D After.. I learn how to ride one.

Fancy schmancy motorcycle. :0
» randomjunk on 2012-06-17 09:33:39

I wrote a little something about working and relationships in my latest post. Kind of on a different note but about the same general topic. While I do think that it's important to keep yourself focused and driven toward a goal, I think it's also important to understand the value of relationships and just...living. The things you can't measure with "success" are usually even more rewarding (i.e. relationships).
» The-Muffin-Man on 2012-06-23 09:09:35

You know what's funny..? I don't know how some people can have those kind of talk-till-you-lose-track-of-time kind of thing because if I'm around the guy that I like, my brain shuts down and he has to coax me into talking (poor him, I know) but when it comes to strangers, if they find a proper topic, I can.. which usually comes off as if I'm flirting with them when I'm really not.

I don't think working nights is that good of a reason to not look for a steady relationship cause if you really want one, you'd be able to have one even with the constant night shift.
» Nuttz on 2012-07-07 10:20:12

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